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Easy to see how perfectly stunning this woman is! But what you’re kinda missing on your end is the KINDEST heart and THE most thoughtful soul. She shows up for me constantly. She loves BIG and I thank my stars above for this lady in my life. Can’t think of a better person to share my name with:)


I’m #irresistible and I’ll #friendzone you so don’t #shootyourshot.
She’s contagious. She’s like having a little Kelly Clarkson in your back pocket. Watch out for this one;).


My oldest got married! Holy moly what a year. I always thought Id love having some boys in the family and Matt definitely delivered. He loves her perfectly! They make marriage look good!

the Walker-Johnson Family

These people have become family. They have been there all along the way, in the ups and downs. Their tender care seeps deep into the cracks. More angelic drops have come from each one of them in different ways and in different times. I so love them!

June 19, 2018 - 5:25 pm

Sue Copinga - Oh Stephanie what a joy to see your work and to see it with my loved ones is spectacular!

Lots of lovin’ goin’ on

Alex+Colten, Keslie+Matt
I jumped in on their impromptu valentines day shoot for a few short minutes. Wanted to share just a few of those images.
We are so happy to have Matt in our circle of friends and hope he decides to stay awhile::)

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