i was answering an email recently about tips to getting a photography business up and going and as i was thinking back to how i got started and what helped me the most.  i kept coming back to mentoring. i was the luckiest girl in the world to be able take a one on one mentoring course with two of my favorite photographers: Fred Egan and Shannon Sewell.  mentoring was ideal for me.  to be able to work through a shoot from concept to fruition was priceless. to be able to shoot alongside a seasoned photographer and to see what works for them and how to interact with clients and pick locations and props for a shoot was unbelievably helpful.  i learned so much.  don’t get me wrong. you still need to learn your camera, shoot manually and learn basic editing,  but its worth the investment to mentor with someone who can help you make your vision come to life.  Shannon still offers mentoring sessions and i would full heartedly recommend her workshops. so worth it. i would do it again in a heartbeat.

these first sets of images were taken in LA a few years back while  helping Fred on a personal project of his. it was amazing to watch him work. he’s very gifted in his industry. (side note: Fred i believe no longer offers mentoring sessions.  just wanted you to see the type of experience you can get through mentoring.)



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