memorial day

it was a little sobering being on the base with these two shooting beside jess knowing that the two of them in the near future will be given a year-long deployment. one to Kosovo and the other Afghanistan. may God be with these two. so grateful for all those who serve and those that have given their lives for us. Penny and Rory.

snapbacks and longboards

Tat and Talia. i can’t believe that Tat finally consented in being in front of the camera. i think it took me a full year of coaxing. she is a sweetheart with a lot of depth and wisdom. she’s made such a signficant impact on my life. i truly love this lady. she’s brought many blessings into our home and has been the big sister to my Kelsie that she never had. truly grateful for her friendship. by the way, she may have me beat in the cross fit world but she still has yet to beat me in arm wrestling and rip-sticking… i’m old, gotta brag about something;) oh and Tat, yes, I did have to google snapback;)

M o r e   i n f o