snapbacks and longboards

Tat and Talia. i can’t believe that Tat finally consented in being in front of the camera. i think it took me a full year of coaxing. she is a sweetheart with a lot of depth and wisdom. she’s made such a signficant impact on my life. i truly love this lady. she’s brought many blessings into our home and has been the big sister to my Kelsie that she never had. truly grateful for her friendship. by the way, she may have me beat in the cross fit world but she still has yet to beat me in arm wrestling and rip-sticking… i’m old, gotta brag about something;) oh and Tat, yes, I did have to google snapback;)


she’s 11! this one got to me. time sure does pass you by, sometimes a little too quickly. this one has her dad’s personality. quiet and a thinker. one of my favorite things about her is her ability to find humor in everything. she’s smart as a whip and witty. her one liners come fast and leave you motionless. she’s a complete joy to have in our home. hoping to post more tomorrow. thanks to little miss
L for bringing out the laughter. we adore you and love having you in our home. the more girls the merrier:)

little M

editing some images form this session and listening to a little Phillip Phillips- the girls and i went to his concert the other night and listened to some pretty sweet music. he’s brilliant and great live. enjoy.

M o r e   i n f o