i love it when a text message comes through and it’s Jess saying she has an impromptu shoot. come play. love those texts.
Tarryn is pretty much eye candy for my lens:) thanks jess.

just to see her smile

just to see her smile. let’s get one thing straight. i am not a cat person. at all. maybe a kitten person? but definitely not a CAT person. our youngest often gets left behind, can’t find a friend to play with, not big enough to stay up late…it’s always something.
passing by wal-mart one day i see a lady giving away free kittens. did an immediate u-turn and said, “i will take two please”… two? i couldn’t stand to take a brother and not have a sibling to keep it company. so, just to see my little one smile. i am now the proud owner of a happy first grader and two crazy kittens. actually, the girl is crazy and the brother is calm and sweet. hmmm. true to life?

“have you ever thrown a fist full of glitter in the air”

it’s moments like this one that i shared with missy mae that i so cherish. in the middle of her journey with cancer… she finds beauty and joy. she has this way of celebrating each crossroad in such an adventurous way.
before chemo took the rest of her hair she really wanted to do Pink in a way i’ve never seen it done.
this is what i love about her… turning everything into something beautiful…
her gloves, her coat, her determination to beat cancer… comes from her grandmother. those items were hers. she wore them in her time and she too beat cancer. this post is for Jubalen and her grandmother. women of strength and courage.

the following images were shot brilliantly by Jubalen’s daughter Shelb.
And if you know Shelbie you know that she is a remarkable person in every way.
she has this beautiful wise old soul. she has been blessed with extraordinary talents.
watch for her. she is genius. i’m indeed blessed to know her.

road trips and surprises

i don’t know how we kept this a secret from the girls for so long…  we picked Rue out of a litter of pure bread German Shepherds up in Idaho about 6 weeks before we were able to get her.
we took the girls on a “road trip” one late saturday afternoon. just before Pocatello we pulled over off I-15 and this is who we found waiting for us! the older two called her Rue right away (Hunger Games fans anyone?:). she’s also named after her father  Rougar (SP?).  it was a day to remember.
a few images of girl #5. she fits right in. we adore her (mostly, smiling… still getting used to tripping over her and other fun puppy moments we won’t mention).

M o r e   i n f o