lauren and devon

they seem to mesh seamlessly. was fun to watch these two interact. they’ve got something special. enjoyed working with these two. they have a bright future ahead.

a caped crusader

Jess, i don’t think Isaac could be any cuter. so digging that batman heroism of his. gotta love little boys.
Jess is the mom of “Batman” and of course, “Robin”. Can’t have a batman without a robin or a batgirl, right? (That will be Jess’s new nickname).
had such a great time shooting these images for Jess, as in ( she is one talented batlady. and such a good friend. love her. she’s been a blessing in so many ways. J, these are for you my friend.


i love it when a text message comes through and it’s Jess saying she has an impromptu shoot. come play. love those texts.
Tarryn is pretty much eye candy for my lens:) thanks jess.

just to see her smile

just to see her smile. let’s get one thing straight. i am not a cat person. at all. maybe a kitten person? but definitely not a CAT person. our youngest often gets left behind, can’t find a friend to play with, not big enough to stay up late…it’s always something.
passing by wal-mart one day i see a lady giving away free kittens. did an immediate u-turn and said, “i will take two please”… two? i couldn’t stand to take a brother and not have a sibling to keep it company. so, just to see my little one smile. i am now the proud owner of a happy first grader and two crazy kittens. actually, the girl is crazy and the brother is calm and sweet. hmmm. true to life?

M o r e   i n f o