erik ostrom {lone peak senior}

This guy is such a stud. Not sure I agree with his tastes on QB’s but hey for a running back he’s not half bad;) He’s funny and sarcastic, a lot of fun to have around. I hear he’s pretty sweet with his sisters and I think that’s one of his best qualities. Wishing him luck on state track coming up and his first plane ride/jump?! Thanks Ostrom you did great kid.


madison {american fork senior}

Madison is a great girl with big smiles, a contagious laugh, striking red hair with blue eyes. She is beautiful all the way around. She is part of the AF color guard team. I believe they succeeded in taking first place this year in statewide competitions. She has quite a talent. Had a fun time with this lady.


caitlin and tucker

I met Caitlin in my many visits to my dentist office (Doman Dental- happiest place on earth;). I absolutely love everyone there. I think I see these people more than my own extended family and that’s probably not something to be proud of:) But in all honestly the whole office is full of wonderful, funny, and endearing people. Anyhow, Tucker and Caitlin were so much fun. Tucker hands down was the easiest groom to work with. These two are definitely a good duo.



This is going to be a post overload! My apologies ahead of time:) There was so much that I loved about this place. I wanted to capture everything I saw. It was so amazing to wake up to dolphins, seals, fisherman (catching leopard sharks?!), shells, tides… and surfers from sun up to sun down. It was fascinating! I decided to divide the post into two. One for the travel-log and the other for the people I spent my time with. Here is the first. Hope you enjoy this world as much as I did.


kelsie and klay

I have lived next to this sweet lady for the last 8 years. She has been such a sweetheart to my girls and such a good example as well. She has a very kind heart. We won the lottery when we moved into this neighborhood. We are surrounded by such great people. Spending a day with these two was a joy. I got a kick out of watching Clay’s fun side emerge throughout the session. Congratulations you two!


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