tat and chase

They are so not attractive whatsoever. Definitely not affectionate and I just don’t think they like each other very much;) So happy for you Tat!


bre and bryce

Loved working with Jess on this wedding. If you can’t tell from Bre’s smile, she’s a blast to work with. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone so happy to be married.


Ahhhh finally getting to post this session. Awesome family. They came prepared with a picnic, hot chocolate, blanket, books… and why not end the day with a little fly fishing. Thanks to the kind gentleman for sharing your pole. So thoughtful!


all kinds of kind

I am just struck by the sheer amount of generosity I have seen lately. I have watched a mom of 5 who struggles to make ends meet who takes her children each day and does random acts of kindness for strangers and friends alike. A stranger who hands over his fishing rod to children he doesn’t know to give them an opportunity to fish. Children who give up their gifts so someone else with a greater need will have something under the tree. Countless act of kindness. I could never list them all. So much giving and sacrificing happening every day. I’m humbled and I am learning so much from all of you.
Nick Onken is no different. I have been following Nick’s work for quite sometime now. I was introduced to him back in LA about 5 years ago. He has a kind soul and is by far one of the most talented photographers in the business. The one thing that really struck me is how much he gives back. He writes a blog for other photographers and teaches them what he has learned. Who does that? Another thing I found quite moving was the charity he helped create called Pencils of Promise. When he posted pictures of his recent trip just a day ago I knew I wanted to share. In this season of giving and being grateful I thought this was a cause worth directing attention to. A little goes such a long way with these kids.

(image by Nick Onken. for the full story click here. Huffington Post)

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