I am definitely no foodie but I do know a GREAT tasting waffle when I eat one. This kind gentlemen came from Belgium and brought with him the BEST tasting frites (fries. must eat with his special fry sauce) and waffles. It’s the Krispy Kreme of the waffle world. Best part… you can eat it with your hands. No syrup. No butter. Fresh fruit, ice cream, and a little chocolate if you prefer. Bruges. Try it. If you don’t love it, I’ll gladly eat your left overs:)


the take down

There is just something so endearing about little boys. Couldn’t help but laugh throughout this session. Pure enjoyment watching these younger two interact. The girls were equally as darling. It was neat to watch their relationship with each other and their dad. Lucky kids to have such a good father. Thanks Jess for the laughs and for the opportunity to shoot alongside you once again.



still working through her images but wanted to give her a glimpse of her session. she is absolutely darling. has a good heart, sweet and very lovely. thanks sweet thing for being good to my girl.


cowboys and indians

Sadie’s dance. Lone Peak. Fun group. I really enjoyed my time with these kids. Moms and dads are raising good people. Impressed. What a treat to see Mr. Ostrom again. He is well liked in our home. Running back. #29. Great young man. Erik, ready to take you on again for a mean game of ultimate spoons. I’ve been practicing;)


M o r e   i n f o