stephanie and holland

i’ve known Steph since she was a young teenager. we took her senior pictures, her engagements, her wedding and now she has a family of her own. i’m not sure how time went by that quickly. Stephanie was so good to my girls. i just really appreciated her kind smiles and warm words of encouragement. it takes a village to raise children and i feel humbled and blessed to have such thoughtful kind people in my life. Holland is in great hands.


as i was editing, i was thinking how fitting her name is… she is as lovely as her name. she is an artist in her own right. i follow her on IG and am in awe of the way she sees the world. it is art to her. i am looking forward to seeing so many great things from this young lady. happy to know her.

chasing light

i’ve been a little intrigued with light lately. wanting to embrace the harsh light as well as the soft light in photographs. searching for locations in the canyon the other day we spotted some nice pockets of light. lucky me, i had a pretty lady with me who was willing to sit for me and let me learn from the light. lucky for you she’s really easy on the eyes:)


shae was a gem to shoot. eager to throw out ideas. went with the flow. and can i just say, envious of those long legs! thanks again Jess for the laughs.
you illuminate the world with your humor. love shooting with you!

M o r e   i n f o