lil’ boxer

i grow more and more in love with this kid every day. she brings a smile to my face instantaneously with her wit and humor. lucky she’s mine.

Sari and Erik

pretty happy about this lovely lady joining our family in a couple of weeks. i think they make a really good pair. love this brother of mine.

catching fish

take a vegetarian slash pro-all living life (including insects and worms) fishing and you get an experience you won’t forget:) Tat, great day!

trekking for ancestors

i was so happy to see that grin on her face, her skirt tied up, bonnet on her head:) as she finished the last pulls on her handcart. missed her like crazy. it was such a neat opportunity for her to spend three days pulling a handcart for 22 miles and coming to know through experience what some of her ancestors went through hundreds of years ago. she loved every minute of it. so happy she is home and part of our family. love that kid! want to learn more about your family history.

M o r e   i n f o