trekking for ancestors

i was so happy to see that grin on her face, her skirt tied up, bonnet on her head:) as she finished the last pulls on her handcart. missed her like crazy. it was such a neat opportunity for her to spend three days pulling a handcart for 22 miles and coming to know through experience what some of her ancestors went through hundreds of years ago. she loved every minute of it. so happy she is home and part of our family. love that kid! want to learn more about your family history.


she’s a little beauty. so fun to have her come play for an afternoon. i’ve forgotten how fun little ones can be.

do they come any better

Shyanne, happy anniversary:) i’m not sure where to start with this one. she is near and dear to my heart. she has this old soul and kindness that i find rare. she sees potential in every person she comes across. she never gives up. the girl is my hero. i’m a bit sad that she’s chosen to move a few miles down the road but so happy for her and grateful that i had the chance to rub shoulders with her on a daily basis. love you Shy!

farm life

oh my word these two were a riot. i wish i could have brought them home with me. they were going a hundred miles a minute. they had this barrel filled up in no time and there they had it… a full on swimming pool. full enjoyment watching these two. simple pleasures.

M o r e   i n f o